Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
Fancy Pop-Up Demo

This is an example of our Fancy Pop-Up module.

You can display articles, like this one

You can display modules, like the login module you see to the left.

Or Both.

You can even display multiple articles or moduls.

Download it Now!

This is sample text for a pop-up. 

We are creating a demo for the fancy Pop-Up using a menu link.

JoomAce.com template Prime is highlighted on Joomla Praise

The new kid on the block of note, according to Tim Stiffler-Dean of Joomla Praise, is us!  We officially launced on June 30th and just six days later we get a great plug from Joomla Priase.

You can read the article here.

We at JoomAce.com really appreciate the plug. We're just getting started and never expected to get mentioned on one of the sites are constantly going to for great articles and inspiration so soon. We hope to continue to provide lots of quality free (and eventually some commercial) templates and extensions for Joomla.

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